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Hello and sorry I am late with this week’s journal.
I simply could not get on my computer yesterday so I could not upload the journal yesterday.
Okay no time for small talk since we are late already.

The first poem is called: ‘’Finally see clarity’’ by :iconjl-miller:
This is a short poem about writing poems.
This poem describes what is most likely for a lot of people on here a familiar situation, namely what it is like to write a poem.
I think that feeling was captured perfectly in the poem so I would recommend that.

Second one and the last one is called: ‘’A writer’s notebook’’ by :iconhannahjanelee: A Writers NotebookMy notes.
That is what my notebook reads at the very beginning, in my own crude writing.
But, these are not just normal notes.
These notes are the kind of notes that are too messy to type.
The puzzle pieces that create a masterpiece of words, each signed by me.
These are the things that make people wonder how my mind works- and if I have any sanity left within it.
These messy notes are written from pure inspiration, determination, and imagination.
These broken parts come together and create a world all my own, where I escape to every day.
It’s a world filled with color and vibrancy, much unlike the uneventful world around us.
And within these pages I have the power to transport you anywhere I wish, at any time or place.
I can make you feel any feeling, with just a piece of paper, pen, and my trained mind.
This notebook contains all the dreams and fantasies I have ever had- the impossible, strange, unheard, and bizarre.
These are the things only my unique mind could ever conger, c

This poem is a little longer than the first one and is as a matter of fact more personal.
Yet again with a familiar situation, however this one also has a little bit more of a personal touch as I previously mentioned.
I think this is a rather spectacular work and worth the reading,  so If you have the time, please go read it, since it is worth it.

Now, I did not have that much spare time to come up with a prompt, so I asked around and finally found one.
This week’s prompt is: Fairy Tales
You probably all know some fairy tales, however, did you ever use them as an inspiration for a poem?
Well I think this is a great opportunity for you to try your hand at this, so the best of luck to you on this one.

Have a nice week and keep on writing.
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February 2, 2013


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