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It is Friday again, thank god that last Friday seemed like it was a year ago (lame pun intended), which means that it is time for the weekly prompt.
Now I just had a look at the prompt folder for last week and found two poems, not as much as I expected but what can you do.
Because these are also the first two prompts that were uploaded I will feature them both in this journal.
Note to the writers that I will move their pieces to the ‘’Old prompts’’ folder after this.
Also people have asked if you can upload something that you have written some time ago to the prompt folder and to that I say that I myself have no objections to this.
The prompts are meant to help you get a subject to write about and the features are there to make some not well known works more known.
If you have something against this please say so and if a decent amount of people has problems with this we can always change that. (We cannot check when somebody wrote something, sometimes you find something you wrote a year ago that qualifies for the prompt and you upload it then so we cannot really check when it is written, only when it is uploaded).
Anyways on to the features (not in any order):

First up is “Prompt change” (it’s  a suiting name for a prompt, however I think that the prompt should be taken out)
:thumb345333571: by :iconson-of-the-angels:
Short and simple with a clear message, there is not much I can further say about it.
It is straight to the point and without difficult words that distract you from the message.

Second one is:
‘’This goes out to everyone who is giving up’’
This Goes Out To Everyone Who Is Giving UpThis is for the ones who want to end their life.
To finally see peace without a strife.
To find the light at the end of the dark pain.
And finally have it not be a train.
To finally face their fear and stare it in the eyes.
To tell everyone their darkest lies.
This is for everyone who wants to  make friends that will never betray.
To be able to trust everyone once again.
To be able to feel as if your family has your back.
And not feel as if someone's always hunting you down, on your tracks.
To actually be able to be who and what they want to be.
Not to fail at everything they do and try.
This is for everyone who wants to actually want to live and not to die.
Who want to actually see success in their future.
Not suicide, pain, or torture.
This is for everyone who wants to get away,
Who want to get away from the pain.
This goes out to everyone who actually may be;
Feeling the same way as me. by :iconnamuamazing:
This is basically a poem about getting over a depression, so a change for the better.
It is a great message and it is wonderfully put to words.
I think you should check it out yourself so you can judge yourself.
I personally like it.

Now we have finished with those short features (I am not that good at reviewing other’s work), we will move on to this week’s prompt.
This week’s prompt is:
Everybody has had misfortune at some time but what does it really mean?
What is real misfortune and what is just simple bad luck or something that was simply your own fault.
Interpret at will and the folder will be put up after last week’s prompts are transferred to the ‘’Old prompts’’ folder.

Have a nice week and keep on writing.
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Namuamazing Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my poem in this. <3 :happybounce:
Koratoshisfriend Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It is not a problem, thank you for participating in our weekly prompts competition.
Namuamazing Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sure thing! :D
Koratoshisfriend Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You can always join again if you like
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January 4, 2013