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Hello my dear poets,

It is that time of the week again.
It already is Friday again, which means, it is time for a new prompt!
However first of all, we shall have a look at the deviations uploaded into the group for last week’s prompt ‘’misfortune’’.

First of all we shall have a look at the piece: ‘’Misfortune’’ by :icontanafeyroyale: MisfortuneA queen left her home one day
To search for a kingdom far away
Her intentions were as black as her heart
But she knew how to play her part
The dark beauty left her aged king
For her whims wanted better things
She left to capture another man
Against all odds she would stand
The dark queen fought with all her might
For what she saw in her sight
Her brave army fighting another
Setting pawns against each other
Then she saw him, tall and pale
And his queen in dress and veil
Seeing her own love be threatened
The white queen drew her weapon
She took down knights and holy men
Cutting through pawns again and again
Castles fell on the battle field
Victims of fate being sealed
The black queen faced her adversary
Both were determined but also weary
Foot to foot they drew their swords
While the kings looked on, ignored
The aged black king had come to see
If his queen would take the victory
The white queen saw her foe
Towards the dark king she'd go
The pale king moved to aide
This disastrous failed

I personally really like this piece and I think that if you have not read it before you defiantly should in the near future.
Since I do not want to spoil what it is about I shall not say what the ending is, however I must say that the ending is rather marvellous and can even be found quite funny.
The rest of the poem is worked out greatly as well, it is wondrous story that is told without any flaws, which is rather an accomplishment since the writer still managed to put in rhyme and managed to keep a nice rhythm all throughout the poem.
I would defiantly recommend reading it.

On to the second one also titled ‘’Misfortune’’ by :iconhannahjanelee: MisfortuneI woke up late
And missed the train
My papers where lost
In the streets busy lanes
And my wallet was stolen
Then it started to rain.
I walked into work
My boss called my name
My wet appearance
He viewed with distain.
So now I sit at home
Trying to keep tears at bay
As I stare at the pink slip
That he gave me that day
I hung my head low
You could hear me say,
“How misfortunate am I?
How much more must I pay?”
There was no light in my heart,
Not a single ray.
“I don’t belong here
I should be on my way.”
But for some reason I held tight
I had a feeling I should stay
Because it wasn't my fault
That things ended this way
And maybe my tomorrow
Will be a less misfortunate day

It shows a person that has a series of misfortunate events in one day.
We have all had that at one point in our lives meaning that it is relatable for the readers.
It is unfortunate that unlike the other one this one does not have rhyme throughout the whole poem, and that might slightly be breaking the rhythm and makes it somewhat harder to read.
It has a great message, however, it is lacking a little emotion. It is not convincing enough for some readers.
It is still a good poem and I love the message so props to the writer.

Now for next week’s prompt.
Next week’s prompt will be all about ‘’nature’’.
A broad subject that is, so I expect that we would be able to get at least a few deviations for that one.
The folder will be opened in a few minutes.

Also on a side note, I want to say that we are just a few members away of having 1000 members.
So how would you guys like to celebrate it when we reach that milestone?

I am :iconkoratoshisfriend: and I wish you all a nice week, and keep on writing.
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January 11, 2013


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